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nett's lil' lj

its random, don't tell me I didn't warn you

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22 June 1981
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SO my name's Nett, I stamp all over this piece of the web, think long walks on the beach are a questionable past time, I'll never get that thing people have with horses. Clowns suck. As do possums. And tents.


I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, and work some with Illustration as well - although I'm not properly trained in the Illustration field. I hold a Web Graphic Designer position in the Marketing Department at a local university, and am the Creative Director for fledgling company, SouthernXposure.

I run fightocrime for my Sims 2 (and possibly Sims 3 in the future) stories and shenanigans, and am one of the mods ofpixel_trade for sharing Sims. :D

And I have noidea whatelse to put here, but I'm sure it'll come to me during a fit of procrastination at some point. xD

Elljay layout modified from one by letsbebad, becuase I'm lazy ;).




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