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24 November 2011 @ 10:39
Holy Bajingas O_O;;  
Yesterday, my Facebook account was reactivated. I only just logged in as, at this point, its been three months since I was on there and three months on the internet is what, seven earth years? ;) xD

NO explanation was given in any of the emails corresponding with the 'named' facebook employee as to WHY I was disabled. But today when I logged in I got this message:

Please confirm your identity

Your account has been temporarily locked because an app that you own was disabled. This is to protect and inform you in case you are unaware that you were a listed developer on this app and to verify that your account has not been compromised. For additional details about the disabled app, please look for an email at your listed developer contact address.

Uh, guys? The messages I got from when you disabled the app were that it was disabled 'as a precaution' BECAUSE YOU HAD DISABLED MY ACCOUNT.

Infinite. Loop. Detected...

But anyway, twelve weeks later, back on Facebook. Will never know WHY (though odds are on it totally was my name considering they got my passport and suddenly ~~REACTIVATION~~). Not really sure what to do with it now... ;)
beaboolpropbea on 24th November 2011 05:24 (UTC)
essie: west wing: playing smartdear_prudence on 24th November 2011 23:20 (UTC)
i'm glad you got a resolution, even if it was WEIRD.
stupid fb.
Sk8inglioness: Hee hee!sk8inglioness on 25th November 2011 00:29 (UTC)

I think that comment is appropriate and fitting, and I have nothing else to say other than WTF THOSE PEOPLE HAHAAHAHAHA.
Samsavourytruffle on 17th October 2012 18:55 (UTC)
I don't like FB. :(
deasilvaedeasilvae on 25th February 2015 21:11 (UTC)
lols. And then you had Nova and neither livejornal nor facebook saw you ever again... <3