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25 September 2011 @ 10:38
Two and a half weeks, still waiting...  
Eighteen days after my Facebook account was disabled without any comment, correspondence or notification from Facebook, I'm STILL waiting for any communication at all.

Has anyone EVER heard of such poor customer service? Ever?

I started contemplating the amount of work it would take to start a new one all fresh, and moonlapse advised against it. He's alluded that I'm a forced off rat from a rapidly sinking ship.

The problem is, I DO still need one for work. Me not having an account means a company I work for doesn't have its app running. But honestly apart from the events organization, I've not really missed it at all. Ah, first world problems... xD
engram_auengram_au on 25th September 2011 01:26 (UTC)
I know you actually need a page for work but moonlapse is right that FB is kind of a rapidly sinking ship. Or at least it's taking on water and if they don't start bailing it will begin sinking.

Actually, the users themselves are doing a great job of designing ways for people to become blind to the changes so things should settle down soon. So it's not a sinking ship at all but quickly becoming a ship of... something! Not fools exactly but a whole lot of people happily putting on blinkers and pretending like the privacy breaches are not happening.
Bcimorenegal on 25th September 2011 08:27 (UTC)
This is the point when I'd be calling them and yelling, but of course they probably don't make that particularly easy either. I know that you're not missing it particularly but that is just epic fail in terms of customer service, for reals.
simsgirlsimsgirl on 27th September 2011 01:40 (UTC)
With all the crappy changes FB has been making recently, I haven't even been using mine much. I log on maybe once a day if that and browse, but I don't even enjoy it anymore. All anyone is talking about it how aweful FB is becoming and how much they hate FB games now. There isn't even anything good to read on it anymore.