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15 September 2011 @ 12:13
Oh, Facebook...  
Its now been over a week since Facebook disabled my account, with no communication or correspondence on why or what I should do to rectify it.

I've sent them a message every second day since the first, and every time I do I get the following automated message in-browser:

Thank you for contacting Facebook.
You should receive an email response shortly. You may need to respond to it before we can assist you further.

Oh Facebook, you lying liarface. Its almost quaint how much they don't follow through at all, or have any customer service values whatsoever.

Maybe this will become the catalyst for me not bothering with yet another mode of communication. I've already not had a mobile phone for years... Soon I'll be corresponding only via the post and via calling cards ;)
Yvonneymp on 15th September 2011 03:17 (UTC)
Well, we can start a voluminius trans-Pacific correspondance consisting entirely of letters written on hotel napkins in the dead of night. Never fear - where there is a will, there is a way!
nettnessbondchick_nett on 15th September 2011 03:24 (UTC)
You know that sounds ALL KINDS of excellent, right? ;)



Have you moved proper? Are you all settled in? Is it awesome?! Have you acclimatised to the craziness of Calgary's inner city!? xD
Yvonneymp on 15th September 2011 03:47 (UTC)
I'm sl glad it was glorious. :) I was worried it was just a phase.

And we're mostly movie.d - ie we're here but not unpacked totally and there's an entire room full of boxes I can't get int. :P I'm in the NW and not the inner city, but I'm getting plenty of crazy to deal with from school. They actually want me to study and stuff! WTF
nettnessbondchick_nett on 15th September 2011 03:50 (UTC)
DEFINITELY not a phase. Or if it is one rest assured its one I've been in since I was a little girl. :D <333333 YOU RULE! Thankyou so much you are SO CUUUUUUUTE! I LOVE YOU!

Well I'm glad you're in, albeit not settled. Everyone needs at least one room FULL to bursting with boxes, builds character ;)

LOL Damn school, where do they get off?!
Yvonneymp on 15th September 2011 03:56 (UTC)
If only the damned full room wasn't supposed to be my office... *sighs* Just think... I could be *organized* in there!
hotrod_duckhotrod_duck on 15th September 2011 04:36 (UTC)

This will hold you in good step for when the libs get back in . You'll be able to apply as the Secretary of the Department of Morse-Code and Smoke Signals (which will replace Broadband & Communication) .

*Vroosm* at 14.4K bps
nettnessbondchick_nett on 16th September 2011 23:59 (UTC)
Don't forget Semaphore, as Andy pointed out! :D
essie: gen stock: postcardsdear_prudence on 15th September 2011 09:32 (UTC)
i completely understand being jack of facebook, especially after they treated you so appallingly, but i just want to say that i miss you over there!
the reason i have mine is mainly to keep up with family and friends who live interstate, and you were part of that reason! :)

i wanted that to sound friendly and encouraging, not manipulative and whiney. plz to read it in that tone! XD

and of course whatever decision you make is totally legitimate!

nettnessbondchick_nett on 16th September 2011 23:59 (UTC)
LOL! I didn't read it that way at ALL! I know what you mean, babylove <333333 And I'm still plugging away at it, its just that its taking SOOOOME time with a lot of nothing from their side.



That you're having a boy spins me RIGHT OUT I hope you know. Greg and I will be having conversations about stuff (anything really) and then one of us will say "But the important thing here is that ES AND SAJ ARE HAVING A BOY!" xD

Jen was all "Of course they are, they always thought such." But IDK, even though I truly feel like you two will raise THE most well rounded, down to earth, happy little boy, its still weird to me. Even though I think it'll be awesome.

essie: dr who: ten is cluckydear_prudence on 18th September 2011 04:57 (UTC)
have you thought of just starting a new one? it's kind of letting them win at being losers, but you might be able to start fresh?

the boy news feels like it has finally sunk in, but only in the last day or so. even though i was expecting it, knowing this BIG thing about our kid is kind of mind blowing :)
i hope we will do a good job, and raise him to be a good man. we will certainly do our best!
nettnessbondchick_nett on 18th September 2011 05:03 (UTC)
I did think about that, and I'm still considering it, tbh. I DO really want to keep my email address though so I'm still on the fence.

If I DO make a new one, it'll have to be with Greg's last name I guess as mine is CLEARLY ~OFFENSIVE~. *rolls* Which will be weird as if I put the whole 'nee' name on it I'll surely be deleted again.

I KNOW you'll do an awesome job. <3333333
essie: gilmore girls: rory has her hands fulldear_prudence on 18th September 2011 05:07 (UTC)
i guess you'll be changing to greg's name soon enough anyway? but it is annoying that they win. they should apologise for being jerks.
nettnessbondchick_nett on 18th September 2011 05:09 (UTC)
*nods* There's already stuff I'm signed up to as "Nett Hulse" anyway, but I still feel a LITTLE fraudulent as that's not QUITE my name yet.

-- Also, IDK about everyone going OMG WHAT YOU'RE MARRIED ALREADY?! When they see it. Maybe I'll include it in my re-friends requests if I end up doing that...

Edited at 2011-09-18 05:10 (UTC)
essie: austen: mrs darcydear_prudence on 18th September 2011 05:15 (UTC)
eh - nobody will care. and it's such a small little window of time before it will be your real name that it really doesn't register :)
essie: austen: emma & harriet by the firedear_prudence on 18th September 2011 05:15 (UTC)
but yes, i see that it could take a little explaining...
Andymonotonehell on 16th September 2011 09:37 (UTC)
It's time to revive SEMAPHORE!


I'd dump Facebook if it wasn't for two groups that matter to me. One of which I created. Both of which are just event organisers for actual real life things.

nettnessbondchick_nett on 16th September 2011 23:51 (UTC)
OOoOh! I enjoy this idea. Alas I don't know any - YET!!

Yeah honestly work, a few people that its the major mode of communication with, and organising events are the only reason why I bother contacting them every other day.
Andymonotonehell on 16th September 2011 09:45 (UTC)
This guy

suggests email CC these


But you probably did already.

Again the ignorance of people is outstanding, that's obviously a blog by someone who have nothing to do with Facebook, and yet half the comments are from people asking him to "plz reopen my fb account".

There's also one asking for instructions ... the blog post IS instructions.

This sums up how I feel...
nettnessbondchick_nett on 16th September 2011 23:54 (UTC)
*nods* I did that last week on one of the days, you get the message about "improving how we receive feedback to best help resolve your issue quickly."

So if you email all three of those accounts, you get the same message in triplicate.

And yeah I saw that post last week too and went WTF PEOPLE O_O;; Are you all bots? Can you read? Why be on the internet if you have zero reading comprehension. Although I also wonder why the moderators let those comments stay there/even be visible.

Awww, you can come over here and have a free scoop! We've got four flavours of gelati in our freezer! ^_^ <3