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11 September 2011 @ 15:25
Further lack of contact from facebook...  
As I mentioned in my previous post, facebook disabled my account on Wednesday with no warnings or correspondence or even an actual notification.

On Friday after hearing nothing back from them after my initial response to them of "Oh hey, these are all of the things that I did yesterday, I can't see how any of these violate anything, please explain?" which I didn't record, I sent them the following:

Hi, I contacted you two days ago in reference to my account being disabled/deleted? I received no official notification via email as to WHY this occurred, and have since not received any correspondence with an explanation OR a reply to my query/information on what I had done on Facebook prior to the deletion.

The only notification I received was that a BUSINESS application that I created and am responsible for for work had been disabled 'as a precaution.' Nothing to explain why my account was deleted, or what precautionary measure could possibly be needed to remove an app which was simply a launch page for a legitimate marketing, pr and graphic design business.

Having been over 48 hours I find this a rather shocking lack of customer service values.

After consulting with other Facebook members on public blogs and blogging communities, I've discovered that you seem to be disabling accounts with what SOMEONE within your system deems 'fake/offensive' names on them. I can assure you that my last name IS my last name, and if this is in fact the reason for deletion then I find your lack of communication on this matter, and total lack of regard to peoples REAL names disturbing.

Guess who's still not heard back from them? moonlapse reckons its because my surname is now being filtered out by their spam filters and going immediately to junk. Good times.

Also seems like from all of their FAQs that basically all of their decisions are final, even if they're wrong. They've decided they don't have to bother with explanations, and they don't appear to have to do anything if they don't feel like it.

At this point I'm wondering if I bother chasing it up more on principle than anything, coupled with the fact that I have to have one for work. I'd rather not have multiple 'Actually Me' accounts, especially if I can't use my actual email address for it. At this point I think I'd just be happy with finding out what on earth they decided I'd violated.

If it is my surname, then OH NOES, I've been violating their TOS SINCE BEFORE IT EXISTED! *gasp!*

Edit: I've gone the sending them emails route which was recommended at a number of places around the net, with different but similar wording to the form email I sent above. Interesting that apparently 'showing too much cleavage' can be grounds for deletion, among other ridiculous reasons. As moonlapse commented "I was unaware this was misogynybook."

Son of Edit: I got auto responders from my email(s) citing "We're streamlining how we receive feedback to be able to better assist you. The links below will take you to more information to help you solve and report your problem."

Uh, no you're not and no they don't.

I also find it rather amusing and V. TELLING that "Warnings & disabled accounts" features in their top three listed Common Issues. Facebook? If that's in your top three then perhaps you need to take a long hard look at yourself instead of projecting onto every one else...
Catfish and Coyotemerrycalliope on 11th September 2011 06:49 (UTC)
Okay, gotta ask since I really don't remember (I'm sorry!) what's your surname!? And, if it offends Facebook, can I get adopted? ;D

nettnessbondchick_nett on 11th September 2011 06:52 (UTC)
LMAO! Hey I don't make a habit of flashing my surname around cause its not an awesome one:


Still wanna get adopted? ;) xD
Catfish and Coyotemerrycalliope on 11th September 2011 06:59 (UTC)
So...your ancestors assembled and carried bundles of sticks? XD

Well, now that I'm far past school age I think that is an AWESOME surname! However, I can imagine the inevitable teasing wouldn't have been pleasant at all, especially in an American school. >_<

If FB banned you because of your name I will laugh and laugh and also highly suggest you submit the story to various press. I bet someone would want that story!
nettnessbondchick_nett on 11th September 2011 07:04 (UTC)
So...your ancestors assembled and carried bundles of sticks? XD

They also sold them for profit! ^_^

Honestly I didn't get any teasing for it in school - neither did my brother. The 'worst' we get is people desperately trying to pronounce it in a PC way.

Sometimes they ignore that its an F altogether which is pretty riotous. I've heard people say Saggotter, so often its super hilarious. I've also had businesses call me up unsolicited and ask my name, and then hang up on me because they think I'm giving them a fake name. Good times.

If it IS because of my name, I'm going to find it pretty hilarious myself, BUT I hope they don't delete my Mum's account as I'd rather she not have to go through this. Also I'd rather not give Dad the ammunition because he already things Facebook is the spammy devil and that Mum shouldn't have an account.
Mary Catherine: [wall-e] planttehlobster on 12th March 2014 23:25 (UTC)
I was trying to navigate my way to your Sims 2 journal and stumbled across this.

My friend's boyfriend's last name is Null and way back when he couldn't even MAKE a Facebook account, I mean for years. That they wouldn't let him make an account (like he was trying to skip out on entering a surname I guess) but would let you just cracks me up. Now he doesn't have any problems but yeah, he used to.

Your last name and attendant Facebook problems are way, way worse than his. XD
Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)smangesable on 11th September 2011 08:08 (UTC)
You might get some joy reading Stilgherrian's rant about the name policy on Google+. It's not just Facebook. :(

Anyway, make a scene. Get the media involved if you can. It's just PATHETIC of these companies to try to determine whose names are correct or not.
nettnessbondchick_nett on 11th September 2011 08:18 (UTC)
Eh, honestly, I don't care enough. xD I care enough to like, post here with the lulziness of what's going on and how completely inadequate they are, but that's about it.

Honestly if it wasn't so useful for organising stuff and if I didn't have to have one for work purposes (the aforementioned app creation etc) I'd just go "Whatev" and not get it reactivated xD

Wow, Stilgherrian has some RAGE! O_O;; xD

And yeah I've had to put my not real name on many things in years gone by - at one point I was attempting to work on genealogy stuff with my Dad and we couldn't search for our names on many popular genealogy sites/services because of profanity filtering.

But if this is in fact the reason my account was deleted, then they already have proof that it is in fact my actual name, so they've ballsed it up there and how!
simsgirlsimsgirl on 11th September 2011 15:23 (UTC)
Facebook has been doing lots of stupid stuff lately. I logged on one day after being gone for like 4 and I had several notifications that my "messaging" was temporarily being disabled because I had used it to much in the last 24 hours. But I hadn't even been on in at least 4 days.
QFB Cafetwotone on 12th September 2011 15:27 (UTC)
Ugh, the lack of response feels so unprofessional. I guess they're lucky that you seem more amused/bemused by this than outraged, since this seems like the kind of thing that could blow up into a PR nightmare for them if the wrong person was offended.