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07 January 2010 @ 00:45
I’ve been clearly caught napping: Pride & Prejudice the Comic  

Pride & Prejudice the Comic

Released last year on – I kid you not – April first, I had NO IDEA someone had converted Pride & Prejudice to a rather sumptuously illustrated five part comic. And by someone, I mean MARVEL! Mein gott!

Though it appears only issue one’s cover is developed as a flashy women’s magazine, the rest of the editions look delicious. Lords I hope Pulp Fiction have them in stock. Not that I can afford them but that’s clearly beside the point! Its Pride & Prejudice for crying out loud! A girl can’t ever have too many adaptations. Just because I already have a number bordering on a dozen in quantity, definitely does not exclude the possibility of getting my delighted fingers on these.


For your viewing pleasure: Issue #2, Issue #3, Issue #4, & Issue #5

I’m sure post posting this the delectable mythosidhe will inform me that she posted about this a year ago, or the gorgeous librarian type deasilvae will berate me for forgetting she told me about it forever ago. xD BUT! Better late acknowledging awesome than never? Plus I… Can’t think of a decent excuse. Chewbacca?

ETA: By all accounts, it appears that the interior of the comics don’t match up to the expectation of the covers. This is the hour of my discontent!

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Mandy H: think pinkmandymaria on 6th January 2010 20:56 (UTC)
I have it. I was actually a little disappointed. It wasn't translated to comic form very well. The artwork could have been better and the narrative was rushed and disjointed. :(
I did love the cover art for issues 4 and 5 and it's still Pride and Prejudice so it does have an intrinsic level of awesome!
doronjosimadoronjosima on 6th January 2010 23:16 (UTC)
I agree with this comment. The covers were lovely. The interior art? Well, let's just say the artist was definitely not up on his period costumes. Or period hair. The sisters all had a sort of trampy California girl look that didn't work for me at all. Decidedly not English.

I would definitely have bought the graphic novel (which is only out in hardcover so far) if the interior art had matched the cover art. I am a big snob when it comes to comic artwork. ^_^; (I work in a comic store...)
nettness: Romance Novel: Take me awkwardly from bebondchick_nett on 7th January 2010 01:10 (UTC)
BAH THIS STINKS! I'm offended on behalf of all Austen-kind. xD

The covers looked so delicious I was really looking forward to what promised to be sumptuous interiors. But, by the sounds of things, alas! ;_;
nettness: Romance Novel: I'm pregnant and losing mbondchick_nett on 7th January 2010 01:09 (UTC)
THAT BLOWS! But I guess what can I really expect... P&P&Zs was also terrible. *pouts*

I AM SAD! The covers look so nice! ;_;
Laurielauriethemuppet on 6th January 2010 21:32 (UTC)
Oh a girl can SO have too many copies. I have 1. And it's one too many for me lol. I have NEVER enjoyed or liked that book, or any books from that era. Just not my type of writing AT ALL. To each their own though XD
nettness: Emma: Mr Knightley knows all your secretbondchick_nett on 7th January 2010 00:53 (UTC)
LOL well its okay people like me have enough copies to let you have virtually six while still having a well-read library of the book of their own xD
The Discordian Aesthete: Mme Xanadu M-A Towermythosidhe on 6th January 2010 22:28 (UTC)
LOL! I did post about it, in....*checks the archives*...late February? But it's okay that you missed--believe me, with my wide swaths of flaking out on LJ I totally understand ;P Honestly, although I subscribed to this series, after the first issue I don't think I read any of them! It just looks like a pretty close adaptation of the Keira Knightley film to me. I ought to dig them out and read the rest....
nettness: Romance Novel: Suffocate you with ma boobondchick_nett on 7th January 2010 01:07 (UTC)
Ahahahaa! See I knew it xD

URK, maaan that's disappointing. I look forward to hearing what you think of the rest of them if you ever get around to it though xD
Jessica: fashion // dolly lolikittenishgirl on 7th January 2010 00:48 (UTC)
I saw this in Sydney! Though I don't think I cared much for the style on the inside.
nettness: Romance Novel: Take me awkwardly from bebondchick_nett on 7th January 2010 01:05 (UTC)
That's what everyone is saying, I'm so sad! What a missed opportunity for win! ;_;
Jessica: fashion // innocent worldkittenishgirl on 7th January 2010 03:29 (UTC)
Yeah the inside looked like.. Buffy comics.
There was a cute looking Wizard of Oz though! But I didn't get to look inside because it was plastic-ed up.
nettness: Amelie: Raspberry fingersbondchick_nett on 7th January 2010 03:32 (UTC)
LOL! I have the entire set of Buffy comics sitting on the shelf near me (they're binka_boo's) xD. I can't say I was too turned off by the art. I mean its not brilliant but it doesn't suck - at least women look like women as opposed to the chicks in the Watchmen fraphic novel, for example. xD

OOOOOH! I'd LOVE a complete comic works of the whole Wizard of Oz saga! That'd be so massively surreal! ♥
Jessicakittenishgirl on 7th January 2010 05:19 (UTC)
I like Buffy comics too but it made the p&p comic look very modern and I barely noticed that it was supposed to be period. The style just didn't work