November 21st, 2011


Facebook: The Ongoing Saga

So! Last week I ACTUALLY got a response, FINALLY, from Facebook with a person's name on it. Still appeared to be auto-generated, but it had an actual name. AMAZING. It had only been, what, eleven weeks?

They required me to send a copy of my driver's license or my passport to verify my identity. And one assumes so their jaws can drop to the floor in embarrassment when they find out that my last name is indeed my last name.

As this required a) fixing our printer/scanner to enable us to scan and b) finding my passport I didn't have time nor the ability to respond straight away.

A few days later, Facebook ACTUALLY had the gall to send me another carbon copy message of the one they'd sent me re-iterating their request. Good times, FB, good times.

They've been responded to with a copy of my passport with all the non-relevant info mosaic-ed out.

Even though in Australia if you've gone by a name other than that strictly on your birth certificate for ten plus years its legally also identified as your name, ten bucks says they still don't verify my identity/account as the name on my passport is Lynnette, not Nett.