June 3rd, 2009

Merlin: Arthur Pendragon - an explanatio

So, uh... Due to upcoming events... That upcome in 19 days O_O;;;

LOL 'upcome' *sniggers and bes five*

endalia asked me if I'd posted a birthday list, and I realised a) I hadn't really thought about it and b) no. xD I guess being dirt poor and god, I AM going to go there, in love has meant I haven't really been looking at purchasing anything or looking around at MOAR STUFF.

But there ARE a few things I 'need' or at least want a lot for the great betterment of quality of life, so I thought since I'd been prompted, I'd share. Basically my list this year looks like this:

New Curtains.
Holy JEEBUS but we need curtains. The three windows in my room are horridly clad in one kind-of see-through curtain that came with the room that's seen better days, and two forest green single bedsheets.

Oh yeah, bedsheets.

When we first altered my now-bedroom into the lounge room (before I moved into it as my bedroom, but AFTER Ali moved out of it as her bedroom xD) I was going to just pin those sheets to the curtain rod cause I KNEW if we tacked them they'd stay there FOREVER, but Mum was insistent. Now, what, four years later? Guess what we still use as curtains?

Now that moonlapse is moving in PROPERLY and we're rearranging the whole room, I'd REALLY love it if the curtains were also fresh. And ACTUAL curtains. A mixture of fabrics like this maybe? Something like this with a blue or brown solid co-ordinate?

A Recipe Binder/Book
Yes, I do have not-so-secret aspirations of one day being a stepford wife (with some caveats about dishwashers etc, naturally xD) and I've gotten to the point where I've decided keeping recipes on my machine is dumb. Also, you can't just stick recipes you've cut off the back of a flour packet for bacon and cheese damper onto your laptop. It tends to obscure the screen.

So far all the ones I've found have had chicken tabs on them. Which is like BLAAAH, although I've had some suggestions of getting one with the chicken tab and either removing the tab, or filling it with pictures of poor, defenceless chooks. xD

This has been the best one I've spotted so far but surely there's other options...

PS: Kikki.K's new Luft range? ADORABLE!

And. Um.. That's it. O_O;; There's sundries I'd like, like more storage boxes that fit into the IKEA Expedits cause I have too much stuff already. Pretty bowls/trays I can put bangles/necklaces onto/into - that kind of thing. I think I remember commenting the other day that I had a definite lack of pretty orange and maybe blue jewellery. There IS my Amazon wishlist... OH, and I always need more patterned stockings/tights. O_O;;