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Holy Bajingas O_O;;

Yesterday, my Facebook account was reactivated. I only just logged in as, at this point, its been three months since I was on there and three months on the internet is what, seven earth years? ;) xD

NO explanation was given in any of the emails corresponding with the 'named' facebook employee as to WHY I was disabled. But today when I logged in I got this message:

Please confirm your identity

Your account has been temporarily locked because an app that you own was disabled. This is to protect and inform you in case you are unaware that you were a listed developer on this app and to verify that your account has not been compromised. For additional details about the disabled app, please look for an email at your listed developer contact address.

Uh, guys? The messages I got from when you disabled the app were that it was disabled 'as a precaution' BECAUSE YOU HAD DISABLED MY ACCOUNT.

Infinite. Loop. Detected...

But anyway, twelve weeks later, back on Facebook. Will never know WHY (though odds are on it totally was my name considering they got my passport and suddenly ~~REACTIVATION~~). Not really sure what to do with it now... ;)

Facebook: The Ongoing Saga

So! Last week I ACTUALLY got a response, FINALLY, from Facebook with a person's name on it. Still appeared to be auto-generated, but it had an actual name. AMAZING. It had only been, what, eleven weeks?

They required me to send a copy of my driver's license or my passport to verify my identity. And one assumes so their jaws can drop to the floor in embarrassment when they find out that my last name is indeed my last name.

As this required a) fixing our printer/scanner to enable us to scan and b) finding my passport I didn't have time nor the ability to respond straight away.

A few days later, Facebook ACTUALLY had the gall to send me another carbon copy message of the one they'd sent me re-iterating their request. Good times, FB, good times.

They've been responded to with a copy of my passport with all the non-relevant info mosaic-ed out.

Even though in Australia if you've gone by a name other than that strictly on your birth certificate for ten plus years its legally also identified as your name, ten bucks says they still don't verify my identity/account as the name on my passport is Lynnette, not Nett.


Four weeks and six days after facebook disabled my account, and after 20 "I believe this is in error" messages followed by automated in-browser assurances of their 'prompt reply,' I just received an email verification response.

So no actual movement yet, but that's SOMETHING:

In order to receive support, you must reply to this email to verify that you are the owner of the Facebook account that you referenced in your inquiry. This security step must be completed before Facebook can respond to your inquiry.

I'm amused that this is prefaced with a simple 'Hi' as if they know me and this isn't official correspondence.

Later in the email they announce that:

Once we have this information, we will take further steps to assist you. Remember that writing in multiple times will not result in a faster response. Once you submit your initial request, it is placed in a queue and responded to accordingly.

Yet I received this email a minute or less after submitting today's in-browser complaint. Five weeks to respond to something in a queue, in internet time? You've GOT to be kidding, Facebook.

Of course if you've not responded in 24 hours someone is going to message again. And again. And again. Because we've all actually experienced customer service before in our lives.

I also enjoy that they ask that you don't make another account in the interim as its against their TOS. Facebook? Really? Its been five weeks, that I hadn't abandoned chasing this up and just made another account four and a half weeks ago means I'm SURELY in the minority. If you want people to not make multiple accounts, how about ACTUALLY responding promptly instead of just saying you're going to and then not getting around to it for thirty six days? You're not a single person doing something for free as a hobby, you're a large multinational company.

Oh well, there's been SOME movement. So we'll see if I have a re-activated FB, which I'm already REALLY used to not using, by November. Yeah?
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Two and a half weeks, still waiting...

Eighteen days after my Facebook account was disabled without any comment, correspondence or notification from Facebook, I'm STILL waiting for any communication at all.

Has anyone EVER heard of such poor customer service? Ever?

I started contemplating the amount of work it would take to start a new one all fresh, and moonlapse advised against it. He's alluded that I'm a forced off rat from a rapidly sinking ship.

The problem is, I DO still need one for work. Me not having an account means a company I work for doesn't have its app running. But honestly apart from the events organization, I've not really missed it at all. Ah, first world problems... xD
Supernatural: Kill Jefferson Starships

Oh, Facebook...

Its now been over a week since Facebook disabled my account, with no communication or correspondence on why or what I should do to rectify it.

I've sent them a message every second day since the first, and every time I do I get the following automated message in-browser:

Thank you for contacting Facebook.
You should receive an email response shortly. You may need to respond to it before we can assist you further.

Oh Facebook, you lying liarface. Its almost quaint how much they don't follow through at all, or have any customer service values whatsoever.

Maybe this will become the catalyst for me not bothering with yet another mode of communication. I've already not had a mobile phone for years... Soon I'll be corresponding only via the post and via calling cards ;)
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Further lack of contact from facebook...

As I mentioned in my previous post, facebook disabled my account on Wednesday with no warnings or correspondence or even an actual notification.

On Friday after hearing nothing back from them after my initial response to them of "Oh hey, these are all of the things that I did yesterday, I can't see how any of these violate anything, please explain?" which I didn't record, Collapse )

At this point I'm wondering if I bother chasing it up more on principle than anything, coupled with the fact that I have to have one for work. I'd rather not have multiple 'Actually Me' accounts, especially if I can't use my actual email address for it. At this point I think I'd just be happy with finding out what on earth they decided I'd violated.

If it is my surname, then OH NOES, I've been violating their TOS SINCE BEFORE IT EXISTED! *gasp!*

Edit: I've gone the sending them emails route which was recommended at a number of places around the net, with different but similar wording to the form email I sent above. Interesting that apparently 'showing too much cleavage' can be grounds for deletion, among other ridiculous reasons. As moonlapse commented "I was unaware this was misogynybook."

Son of Edit: I got auto responders from my email(s) citing "We're streamlining how we receive feedback to be able to better assist you. The links below will take you to more information to help you solve and report your problem."

Uh, no you're not and no they don't.

I also find it rather amusing and V. TELLING that "Warnings & disabled accounts" features in their top three listed Common Issues. Facebook? If that's in your top three then perhaps you need to take a long hard look at yourself instead of projecting onto every one else...
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So, random social media...

Guess who's facebook account was disabled by facebook last night sometime after I logged off last night..?

Read through the 'violations' list and I can't for the life of me work out on what grounds my account was de-activated. Unless its my surname. Which you would think they would've bahleted a LONG time ago if that was in fact the case, and is comical as my surname is MUCH older than the slur.

The only other thing I can think of is that I said "Apparently Bon Temps is lousy with fairies" or something to that effect last night as a reference to True Blood, and in response to a friend a) asking how to make Fairy Bread (seriously was he kidding? ISDEK; its white bread with butter and hundreds and thousands, mang xD xD) and then b) asking where he could get some fresh fairies from.

Surely though that's not it, referencing a show that is ON facebook, that HAS actual winged-style fairies in a FICTIONAL town in both the show and its source material, and am actually talking about fairies. I mean hell they let ads on there telling little boys to kill unicorns xD

But my money is definitely there, either 'can't be a real surname, deleting her for being homophobic/gay bashing' OR 'oh my god talking about homosexual people as fairies and grinding them up to make bread, AND having a surname that's homophobic/gay bashing.' Good times.

Dr Who: Time and a Crayon

Concurrently Concurent.

Observe this image:

Doctor Who Dr Who if these are just words

And now a conversation:

12:52:24 PM nett: Yeah, I didn't read that in Matt Smith's voice
12:52:27 PM nett: so I was like, what?
12:52:40 PM nett: and then went, OH RIGHT you'd probably normally have read that in matt smith's voice
12:52:46 PM nett: yeah, so, just words then.
12:52:51 PM miss katu head: i read it in tennant's actually
12:52:52 PM miss katu head: lol
12:52:56 PM nett: ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaa
Supernatural: Kill Jefferson Starships

To the pixel_trade mods:

Okay our internet is now working even less than it was ten minutes ago, its just going completely kersplodey and not letting me load MOST things. I'm attempting to post this to my journal via jabber in the vain hopes that SOMETHING will post up. To this end, could I please get one of you pretty peoples to post up the pixel_trade founders? IDK how long our 'net is going to be like this, we're guessing its our provider because other people we know are also having problems. THANKYOU IN ADVANCE! :D <3"